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An Information Technology professional having over 20 years experience with a primary focus on infrastructural and private cloud architecture. His experience is both extensive and varied, covering many areas, based in both hardware and software. Familiarity with Open Source software models and finding, developing and implementing the best fit for the enterprise. Evaluating deployment models to suit a project’s needs: dedicated hardware, virtual servers, private, public or hybrid cloud. His proven ability to think outside the box and look at issues and challenges from all angles leading to the optimum solution. Designing, building, maintaining and managing 24×7 private cloud platforms, with multiple co-located sites, hundreds of servers (physical and virtual), custom and bespoke software platforms and a multitude of different license and subscription requirements across many vendors. Eamon’s vast experience is now fully focused now on helping you maintain your IT support renewals with our new platform SupportRenewals.com. It’s free, take it for a spin! https://www.supportrenewals.com

Impacted by your broadband provider’s outage?!

On October 14th 2018, one of Ireland’s largest broadband providers, Eir, had an outage that affect all of their customers and potentially their wholesale customers also. What was the impact? Eir worked hard to get the issue sorted and they did have it turned around in just over 12 hours. […]

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Multiple offices, multiple currencies? No Problem!

Our platform now supports 162 currencies from around the globe.  What does this mean for you, our users?  Well, if you have multiple offices, in different jurisdictions, operating in different currencies, you can now store their renewal costs in that local currency.  At the same time, you’ll still be able […]

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Startups... Please wait here until you are useful. Thank you.

Startups are easy, right?!

We’re pretty sure no one ever said running a startup is easy…  If someone has said that, well, they are clearly lying to themselves and the world!  This post isn’t going to be about Support Renewals specifically but more so the whole process of starting up a company from just […]

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What’s in a date?

Dates are important. Some need to be remembered or you’re in big trouble at home! Same goes for the office, renewal expiry dates can be critical! But date formats? They are subjective. YYYY-MM-DD This is the ISO8601 standard. It’s easily sorted chronologically. Its clean and easily readable.  However, this is […]

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Antivirus. Screen showing some code

Why Track Antivirus Subs?

Why you should renew your Anti-Virus Subscriptions… Antivirus, antimalware or endpoint security software (we’ll refer to them all as endpoint security for the rest of the article) is your machine’s last chance to prevent it from becoming compromised or overrun.  There are many vendor solutions for endpoint security. The right […]

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Automated SSL Certificate and Domain Name expiry tracking

Track Domain and SSL Renewals… Easily!

We’ve been hard at work in Support Renewals HQ to make tracking some of the more awkward renewals even easier! These awkward renewals are, however, critical to your organisation’s presence and brand online… SSL certs and Domain Name Registrations! How easy is it? Super easy! We’ve created some auto-populate scripts that work in […]

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Google Search on a mobile

You Have to Keep Renewing Domain Names!?

Why you need to keep track of your Domain Name Registrations… For most companies, big or small, their website is the first port of call for many customers.  It’s key to their branding and their services. The domain name is critical to how customers interact with the company, either via […]

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