Automated SSL Certificate and Domain Name expiry tracking

Track Domain and SSL Renewals… Easily!

We’ve been hard at work in Support Renewals HQ to make tracking some of the more awkward renewals even easier! These awkward renewals are, however, critical to your organisation’s presence and brand online… SSL certs and Domain Name Registrations!

How easy is it? Super easy!

We’ve created some auto-populate scripts that work in the background to go get the details for the renewal from from the internet. All you have to do is supply the domain name or host name (for the SSL cert).  We’ll get the vendor name and the expiry date so you don’t have to go searching through your records or emails or whatever.  Plus, you can then add more details to the renewal to make it more useful further down the road, such as cost, description, etc.

If you renew them with the Vendor, what happens to the renewal in here?

This ain’t a problem! Our back-end scripts have the smarts built into them to always check the domain name or SSL certs for updated expiry details BEFORE we send you a notification.  If it has changed, we’ll update the renewal entry and it will then show some renewal history.  If it has not changed, then we will send the notification as expected so that you will be alerted to the upcoming expiry!  But, you should edit the renewal and add the cost so you know how much it cost next time its up for renewal!

So, it’s basically set-and-forget! We’ll notify when needed, in the meantime you can rest assured knowing it is being tracked!

More info

We’ll keep updating the back-end scripts for other auto-check renewals as and when they are identified.  So, keep an eye out for the how-tos and blog posts!


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