Getting Started

After signing-up, you’ll see that we have added some sample renewals for you to play around with, but, you’ll want to start adding your own renewals.

The easy part – we have a simple-to-use bulk upload option.

Alternatively, you can add renewals one-by-one if you prefer.

We’ve had a lot of users that didn’t have all of their renewals to hand and didn’t have the time to go looking for them all. But that’s ok! We recommend taking the easy way out… Start uploading what you think you know. Make a guess. And by the time it comes around, you’ll get your automated reminder. At that point, enter the accurate information. Then, within the next 12 months, everything should be accurate and up to date.

The even easier part… why not contact our on boarding team at and we can:

  • Guide you through the sign-up process, but let’s face it, that’s the really easy part.
  • Help you add additional users to your account.
  • Show you how to use the bulk upload feature so you can import your spreadsheet.
  • And we even have suggested list of renewals to help you get started.

Give it a try, it’s so simple it’s brilliant. Take the hassle out of tracking your renewals. Sign up for free at

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