About Us

About Support Renewals

Support Renewals is a web platform for companies to keep track of and manage their various IT renewals that occur throughout the year. It is an intuitive, easy to use platform and is currently free to use for all companies.

People responsible for IT in any organisation can register as a user for a free account. Once registered, they can upload anything that they need to keep track of, or be reminded about, throughout the year(s). The site will issue reminder emails to the user as the renewals arise and allow the user to update the renewal information once it’s renewed while always being able to track its renewal history (previous cost, etc).

Our Values

Mission: Our mission is to make managing your IT support renewals and contracts as painless as possible. We want our platform to become a key part of your IT management process, giving you the tools to anticipate and plan for upcoming renewals ahead of time. Thus preventing you from incurring additional fees, downtime and headache!

Vision: Our vision is to become the automatic “Go-To” tool for any time you need to manage and track support agreements, contracts and subscriptions. We aim to provide relevant content and reports from industry experts around issues such as trends, reviews and buyers guides. The business aims to support organisations globally, supporting multiple languages and currencies. Finally, Support Renewals wants to be recognised by both customers and leading manufacturers as the best and most efficient provider of licenses and support agreements globally.

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