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Impacted by your broadband provider’s outage?!

On October 14th 2018, one of Ireland’s largest broadband providers, Eir, had an outage that affect all of their customers and potentially their wholesale customers also. What was the impact? Eir worked hard to get the issue sorted and they did have it turned around in just over 12 hours. […]

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Multiple offices, multiple currencies? No Problem!

Our platform now supports 162 currencies from around the globe.  What does this mean for you, our users?  Well, if you have multiple offices, in different jurisdictions, operating in different currencies, you can now store their renewal costs in that local currency.  At the same time, you’ll still be able […]

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Startups... Please wait here until you are useful. Thank you.

Startups are easy, right?!

We’re pretty sure no one ever said running a startup is easy…  If someone has said that, well, they are clearly lying to themselves and the world!  This post isn’t going to be about Support Renewals specifically but more so the whole process of starting up a company from just […]

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