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Change Log

These are the changes that we have made to the Support Renewals platform. As you can see, we are always trying to improve the platform, fixing bugs and adding new features.  If you spot any bugs or have any feature requests, please let us know!

DateChange / Feature / Fix
20190612Enabled reCAPTCHA to protect against fake user accounts, bots and spammers.
20181129Fixed App footer to make it more responsive and only use space when needed.
20181128Now you can quickly see your Top5 Vendors. Just click on the menu item under your account menu. (top right!).
20181127We've cleaned up the account settings page, making it a little easier on the eye. We've also enabled the popup window to show only the option you are looking to change. This works for changing you display name, password, preferred currency and date formats. We've also fixed the account settings link on under the renewal lists show the preferred currency option only. You can still view/change your account settings under the User menu as before.
20181009We now support 162 currencies. If you have offices in multiple jurisdictions, you can save their renewals in their local currency! Read More.
20180920Changed how menu text is displayed depending on the device you are viewing from. Some tablets would cause the menu to wrap around, showing over other text. It's cleaner now!
20180910Made the Renewal Total Cost and input field and the unit cost is calculated from total costs / quantity. Users can now enter either the unit cost or the total cost to achieve the desired result.
20180910Removed the "Renewal" text from the labels in the Renewal Add, Edit and Renew forms. Now they look similar to the other labels on the forms.
20180909Added "Subscription" as a new renewal type following user requests.
20180821Fixed bug that was preventing notifications from being sent. Further checks in place to make sure it runs daily going forward.
20180814In the renewals view, empty rows are hidden by default. Users can now toggle empty rows on or off by clicking the text under the close button.
20180813Fixed bug that was preventing the user date format from changing under certain circumstances.
20180112When viewing a renewal, if you are part of a company account, we'll show you who added that renewal. Otherwise, it's not shown to keep the renewal view clean.
20180806Extended search data added. You can search for data in the notes, serial numbers, asset tags and import tags.
20180806Import Tags are now visible when viewing renewal details. (if the renewal was imported!)
20180806Asset Tags were not being saved. This has been fixed.
20180803Added buttons on Company Accounts page and Bulk Import pages to their respective How-Tos.
20180802Users can now change their displayed date format from the default yyyy-mm-dd in the account settings area.
20180801User changeable account settings are now clickable rows on the account settings page. (The edit button still works too)
20180730Added "Next Due on +DATE" button in main menu bar so users can easily see when their next renewal is due. Click on it to see the renewal or renewals due.
20180729Changed app footer to make it look a little more prefessional. (swapped | with - )
20180728Users can now add/remove sample renewals at any time from the account menu dropdown.
20180724Sample renewals are added to new accounts to give users a better idea of how the platform looks and feels with data in it. There is a Remove button on the dashboard screen.
20180723Added "Service" to the renewal type list when adding/editing a renewal.
20180720Added a note on Add Domain Renewal page notifying users that not all registrars provide us the required info.
20180719If domain expiry comes back as 1970-01-01 show error message as invalid response.
20180715Added link to Getting Started page on new user welcome jumbotron.
20180501Fixed SSL/Domain check logic that was failing for results that resolved to multiple IP addresses.
20180427New, easy-to-use wizrd for bulk importing. Select your file, choose the mappings and import!
20180321Swapped colours on Renew and Edit buttons.
20180228Domain + SSL renewals added with those specific functions will be auto-check before sending notifications. If the renewal date has been updated, we wont send the notification but we will set it as renewed and update the records accordingly!
20180212Changed initial renewal list view to order by Renewal Date, oldest first. Users can then sort the list whichever way they prefer.
20180126Fixed Mark All Notifications as Read.
Was redirecting to a blank page as opposed to the page the user was currently on.
20171227Individual Renewal Delete Not Working from Renewl Popup.
After adding functionality to allow for multiple row selection and deletion, the delete button in the renewal modal was not working as expected.
20171210Add Domain + Add SSL Renewals.
New Add feature that will query online datastores to pull expiry dates and vendor details for Domain Name Registrations and SSL Certificate details, and pre-populate the Add Renewal form for you. Allowing you to then add more detail to the renewal before adding it your list.
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